Giorgi Sarajishvili
Giorgi (George) Sarajishvili is Head of Litigation Practice at BGI Advisory Services Georgia, based in Tbilisi. Mr. Sarajishvili joined the firm in September 2010 after earning his Master degree in International Commercial Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Prior to joining the firm Mr. Sarajishvili served as a Senior Specialist at the Division of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. His responsibilities covered intergovernmental negotiations and reporting to international organizations. Professional experience of Mr. Sarajishvili includes a practice at the Office of the State Minister for Civil Integration Issues (short-term contractual employee) and Tbilisi City Court (legal intern).

Mr. Sarajishvilis practice areas cover litigation, arbitration, intellectual property, taxation and corporate law. His notable engagements include:

Represented the interests of foreign investors and local companies operating in various fields of business (including energy sector, development, natural resources, intellectual property, wine industry, hotel management, etc.) before Georgian Courts at commercial disputes;
Represented foreign companies in recognition and enforcement of foreign awards;
Advised and represented Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Ferrero group, and other international companies on Intellectual Property matters;
Revised a taxation section of the Prospectus of Georgian Government for the issuance of sovereign debt securities;
Revised a taxation section of the Prospectus of a Georgian bank for the issuance of Securities for London Stock Exchange;
Involved in performance of due diligence review of a Georgian bank;
Represented the Georgian Government in bilateral negotiations with European Commission on international agreements.

Mr. Sarajishvili was a successful participant at international moot court competitions - Vis International Commercial Moot Arbitration (Vienna, Austria), Jessup Moot Court Competition (Washington, the USA), Price International Media Law Moot Court Competition (Oxford, Great Britain), Central and Eastern European Moot Competition (Poznan, Poland), etc.

Together with his native Georgian, Mr. Sarajishvili is fluent in English and Russian.